Varanasi: Old Man And Grandson. Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi is a very special town. I love it. I truly believe I could spend months there strolling on the ghats alongside the Ganges. This image was taken early in the morning, not far from Assi ghats. This elderly man taking care of his grandson was a touching scene for me.
Varanasi - Benares - Kaasi is considered to be the holiest of all pilgrimage sites in India. It is considered home to Shiva -
Visweswara. Benares is also known as Kaasi because it is believed that Supreme brilliance shines there, and lights the way to salvation (Kas - to shine). Varanasi is located between two rivers Varana and Asi, hence the name Varanasi.

This place is said to give the greatest delight to God: the five elements lie in this great cremation ground.

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