Haridwar: Resting Sadhus. Uttaranchal

Coming from all over the country, often on foot, to the town of Haridwar, pilgrims and sadhus are overwhelmed by tiredness, and lay on the bare ground of the ghats, while others eat or attend to their children. I find these scenes as attractive as the place itself, better, the place would be inconceivable without its pulsing life, which often includes animals, as well as human beings. I feel myself completely at ease in these surroundings.

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Anonyme a dit…
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Claude Renault a dit…

to the anonyme who left a message. i deleted the message because you didn't have the courage to sign it.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue a dit…

This is stunning. I love it.
Who wouldn't sign a comment?
I love the beautiful faces of people...so many stories out there.

Davidlind a dit…

Sometimes we are comfortable in places because we have lived there in the past. I have always felt that way about Virginia and North Carolina.
I feel it about India too. But much further back.