Gaumukh. saddhus at the sources of the Ganges

Three sadhus doing their Puja at the source of the Ganges, in Gaumukh (The cow's mouth). I went down with them. The Gangotri shrine is seen as the spiritual source of Hinduism's most sacred river, the Ganges. According to Hindu mythology, Ganga, the stream of life, was granted as a reward for King Bhaghirati's severe penance and the river is worshiped as a deity. The physical source of the river is at Gaumukh, 18 km south-east of Gangotri, along the Gangotri glacier. The temple at Gangotri is visited by thousands of pilgrims between May & November. It was built by a Gurkha Commander, Amar Singh Thapa, in the early 18th century.This happens to be along one of the most popular pilgrimage routes in the Indian Himalayas. .

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